movement instantly captivates the customer

Design and Development

Rapid growth in ecommerce, meant retailers and display companies needed more dynamic ways to engage their customers and draw them into their businesses.

Nothing attracts attention and entertains more than movement and Cyberquins realistic movement instantly captivates the customers wherever they are used.

Over an extensive 4 year product development process, Darren combined his engineering and artistic expertise to evolve the humble retail mannequin into a dynamic range of animatronic display models, that run, walk cycle and ski with incredible life – like motion.

The Cyberquin journey began 20 years ago with founder Darren Saunders’ vision to develop a novel marketing tool to revolutionize the visual merchandising industry.

manufacture dynamic animatronic display models


ADM UK Ltd manufacture dynamic animatronic display models for visual merchandising and marketing applications.

Our Cyberquin product range includes male and female running, walking, cycling and sking mannequins with a range of different finishes and head designs to represent the customers brand.

We collaborate with our customers to design exclusive and customised animatronic models and displays.

We offer in depth consultation throughout the development process to ensure all design objectives are meet.

creative, adventurous and open-minded

Our Values

  • We work with passion to create high quality dynamic products that bring entertainment and happiness to many.
  • We are creative, adventurous and open-minded.
  • We embrace novelty and drive change.
  • We act responsibly to our employees, customers and business partners.
  • We never compromise on the quality of components used in our manufacturing.

Our Customers

Cyberquins have been used globally by some of the worlds largest companies...