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A powerful marketing tool

  • Cycling Moving Mannequins are a powerful marketing tool for any retail bike store, brand distributor or manufacturer.
  • The Cybercycle movement is smooth, lifelike and entertaining, they can be used to merchandise all bikes, bike wear, sports wear, casual clothing and accessories.
  • The peddles, legs and wheels all move together to create a dynamic life-like display.
  • The Cybercycle base mechanism can be adjusted to hold and display virtually any mountain bike. The mechanism that drives the bicycle is contained within the base mechanism.
  • The base mechanism drives the bicycle peddles which in turn drives the legs of the Cybercycle mannequin.
  • The ability to be dressed and undressed with ease.
  • The versatility to be operated simply by plugging into a 230 or 110 volt electrical supply anywhere in the worldwide.
  • The capability to be shipped complete, with no need for intricate assembly.
  • The durability to withstand every day use.

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Cyberquins have been used globally by some of the worlds largest companies to successfully advertise and promote their products.