Running and walking Mannequins

smooth, realistic moving mannequins

full size animatronic running, walking mannequins

a powerful marketing tool...

  • The perfect lifelike movement of a slow motion human running, walking or cycling.
  • The capability to be shipped complete, with no need for intricate assembly.
  • Durability – can run 7 days a week up to 12 hrs a day attracting your customers.
  • Each Cyberquin is hand crafted in the UK, using high quality durable components.
  • The ability to be dressed and undressed with ease.
  • Robust design, quiet, precision engineered mechanism.

Mannequins On Show

Moving Mannequins catching attention...

Hand built in the UK by highly skilled engineers and artists to provide realistic life-like motion, which fascinates and attracts attention wherever they are used.

Running Mannequins in Action

Move your merchandise...

Running & Walking Mannequins

Cyberquins - a worldwide brand

  • Allowing the best use of available retail space.
  • Shipped in strong wooden container, which can be re-used for relocation purposes.
  • Customised head and skin colours to complement customer design theme.
  • The versatility to be operated simply by plugging into a 230 or 110 volt electrical supply anywhere in the world.
  • The cyberquins can be fitted with a side flange, so they can be bolted to a wall or balcony.

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Cyberquins have been used globally by some of the worlds largest companies to successfully advertise and promote their products.