Animatronic mannequins hand built in the UK

Moving Mannequins by ADM UK Ltd.

ADM (UK) LTD combine over 20 years of experience in precision engineering and creative design to produce unique animatronic moving display mannequin that are used across the globe in a wide range of dynamic visual merchandising applications.

Our animatronic product ranges are hand built in the UK by highly skilled engineers and artists to provide realistic life-like motion, which fascinates and attracts attention wherever they are used.

The durable animatronic Mannequins are an effective marketing tool used by fashion retailers, brand distributors, event and marketing agencies, visual merchandising organizations, exhibition companies, museums, theme parks, stadiums, defense organization, medical device companies, and leisure and hospitality companies.

They have been used with huge success by some of the world’s biggest brands to successfully promote their products.

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Running Mannequins - Cyberquins

Running Mannequins - Cyberquins

Full size animatronic running, walking mannequins, move your merchandise...

Custom Built Moving Mannequins

Custom Built Moving Mannequins

We create bespoke animatronic mannequins to suit the unique identity of the brand.

Retail Mannequins

Retail Mannequins

Create an enticing, eye catching shop display with a mannequin from our fantastic range.

Wherever Cyberquins™ are used, people are fascinated by their smooth, realistic human movement. Cyberquins™ attract maximum attention to your merchandise and entice customers through your door.

Move your Merchandise...

Cyberquins - Running Mannequins

Cyberquins are the only running, walking and cycling mannequins in the world.

Their incredibly smooth lifelike motion attracts maximum attention
making the moving mannequins a powerful marketing tool.

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Cyberquins have been used globally by some of the worlds largest companies...

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